This disgusting footage — which was uploaded to YouTube by Australian YouTuber baskwithGaming — captures what has to be one of the most grotesque sites ever witnessed with the human eye.

At first, we see a spider. But upon closer inspection there’s something attached to the spider — a hideous worm.

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The worm appears to be a horsehair worm, which “are found in water or wet areas, such as in or alongside streams or puddles but they can occur in cisterns, livestock watering troughs or most open outdoor container with water. These harmless, curious creatures writhe slowly, contorting their hair-like bodies into intricate knots,” according to the University of Kentucky’s entomology department.

“Horsehair worms develop as parasites in the bodies of grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches and some beetles. When mature, they leave the host to lay eggs.” The department goes on to describe the worms as “not parasites of humans, livestock or pets,” noting that they “pose no public health threat,” which is only slightly reassuring — especially if you just watched the horrifying video.

And there’s more where that came from:

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