An image of two young Turkish men has gone viral on social media after the lowlifes cut off their dog’s ears and posed next to the cowering animal. According to a petition, “the pair are suspected to be involved in dogfighting and were reportedly punishing one of their dogs for losing.”

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One of the men can be seen holding a knife, and they both appear to be holding ears that they removed from the dog. Since the image gained so much attention online, fact-checking site Snopes researched it and claimed that the image was real. They sourced several Turkish newspapers that stated the incident took place in Isparta, Turkey.

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The men were only charged the equivalent of $1150 and given no jail time. The online petition hopes to call on Turkey’s ambassador “to advocate for stronger punishment for animal abuse.” A separate petition has over a million signatures and is calling on the mayor of Isparta to punish the men. Angel Nielson, who is behind the post, identified the two men as Hasan Kuzu and Neset Yaman and claims that the two recorded a video of them hacking off the dog’s ears. A Facebook group, appropriately named “Make those Bastards Suffer” has links to the men’s Facebook pages (which appear to have been deleted).

Unfortunately, horrific animal cruelty also hits here in the United States — in late January, a Rottweiler was found wandering the streets of Detroit with his nose and ears cut off. Information leading to the arrest of the men or women responsible for that atrocity is worth $2500.

A petition is circulating after two men involved in dog fighting “punished” their dog in a horrific way screenshot/
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