A small-town pharmacy in South Carolina recently got one wacky customer on Monday: an alligator!

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In these pictures, the gator seems to have parked himself right outside the Bluffton business, Ulmer Family Pharmacy and Wellness Center.

The owners posted a photo on Facebook, showing the gator right next to one of the pharmacy’s signs.

“First customer of the day!! Oh my! Don’t worry he was moved to a near by pond. He just wanted to check out the new pharmacy in town. Happy Monday everyone!!” the post said.

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And, of course, commenters couldn’t resist cracking jokes about the gator having dry skin and perhaps being in the market for a dermatologic solution. One commenter, Michael Brophy, said “he’s got shingles…” while another, Tina McCoy, said “he heard what a wonderful staff they had and how hands on they are. Figured they would help him pickup some sunscreen.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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