During a live news report in Memphis, reporter Scott Madaus was upstaged by an unexpected development.

Madaus was reporting on rumors that a cougar had been spotted in Hernando, Mississippi, when a house cat hilariously stole the show. You can guess what happened next. The moment went viral.

The video of the incident even caught the attention of journalist Katie Couric and Roots frontman Questlove.

Madaus told Buzzfeed the moment wasn’t as unplanned as it appears. He shared with the media company that he saw the small cat staring at him while preparing to go live and quickly called a FOX13 producer.

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Madaus told the producer to take his live shot before the commercial break so he could tease the story with footage of the house cat.

All in all, the live report gave social media users an opportunity to join in on the fun. And if you’re wondering if the original large cat was ever found, the verdict is still out on that one.

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