If you ever find yourself in a threatening situation with a big ‘ol bear — this could be the ultimate way to defend yourself.

Ralph Persson and his wife were out in the snow-covered woods training a new hunting dog when he noticed a bear. So what did old Ralphy boy do? Screamed a roaring scream like a caveman and sent the bear running in fear.

Persson had a few choices to make in this situation. He could have run away, or he could have stood still. Instead, he tried to make himself as big as possible, extending his arms and bellowing in the bear’s face as it approached him. The bear was definitely surprised and quickly ran back into the woods.

The experienced hunter told Swedish reporters that he had seen plenty of bears in his time in the woods. “You have to have respect for the animals,” he said, but he chose to take a pretty big risk that time. This is actually what the National Park Service advises us to do in a similar situation- try to scare the bear.  Bears that lose their fear of humans are dangerous. Sometimes rangers yell at bears and chase them. Sometimes they even shoot them with paintballs and other non-lethal projectiles.

Persson told the media another (tall?) tale. He said that once a bear fell onto his lap during a hunting trip. No, he didn’t video that…

One other thing about this video: It’s amusing to hear them speaking in Swedish, and to realize that the screaming is in a kind of universal language.

Well done, Ralph. Well done.

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