A hunter with four decades of experience in the fields had the most unlikeliest experience recently in Wisconsin.

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On the opening day of gun-deer season, Dan Hartley went into the woods on private land near Hillsboro in Vernon County.

As he sat in an area overlooking the property, a young buck–too young to shoot in Hartley’s estimation–began to approach him.

First, it rammed its nose directly into Hartley’s back.

The hunter tried to push back, but that just seemed to encourage it. That’s when Hartley took out his cellphone to take a video because he was sure no one would believe what was going on. The state of Wisconsin has no record of this ever happening to a hunter in the state.

In the seven-minute footage, the two tussle and roughhouse to almost no avail.

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Finally, the deer relented and sauntered off. Hartley, for his part, says he never had any interest in killing the animal.

“I never felt really threatened,” said Hartley, a truck driver by trade.”But one time, he backed off and kind of raised a front hoof. That’s when I told him to ‘knock if off.'”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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