A Denver, Colo., woman is suing Starbucks for the wrongful death of her dog.

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The woman claims her hot tea, served in the drive-thru in an incident two years ago, was so scalding that it spilled — burning the woman and her dog who had jumped in her lap.

The woman, Deanna Salas-Solano, says the barista handed off her venti tea without a heat sleeve, a double-cup or a secured lid.

When the hot tea spilled, Salas-Solano was burned on her stomach and thighs. Sadly, her dog, Alexander, jumped into her lap at that moment. He was burned so badly that he later died.

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Starbucks, meanwhile, is standing by its employee.

In a statement to PEOPLE, a spokesperson from the company says, “We are sympathetic to Ms. Salas-Solano and the injuries she sustained and our hearts go out to her on the loss of her dog. However, we have video evidence that clearly contradicts the claims made by the plaintiff and believe they are without merit. We don’t have any reason to believe our partner [employee] was at fault.”

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