It’s no secret dogs at shelters are a mixed can of, well hopefully not, worms.

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So after you get used to the new mutt you got on clear the shelters day, you might want to know just what breed he is.

That’s where a breed reveal comes in.

A reporter in Dallas/Fort Worth had such a thing after adopting her dog Rosie during last year’s event.

After sending in DNA to a company called Wisdom Panel, she followed the gender reveal model, hosting a party to find out the results. After putting the three breeds the company identified on little pieces of paper inside three balloons, she found out the results.

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Her pup was a combination of Pit Bull, Labrador Retriever and Great Pyrenees.

Adoptive pet parents are starting a new trend for their shelter dogs: Breed reveal parties!
Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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