Hunter, an abandoned tiger cub, was rejected by his mother at birth.

Shortly after, South African animal expert Anthea Michaletos stepped in to care for the cub full-time. Together, the two have formed an incredible bond, but it is Chelsea, the German Pointer puppy, who has truly become best friends with the fast-growing Hunter.

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“Hunter doesn’t take his claws out, and he does bite, but not really hard,” says Michaletos. “So, you can see they still, like, care for each other.”

Hunter and Chelsea take long, daily walks in the grass and are 24-hour playmates. The two are inseparable for now, but Michaletos knows that Hunter will grow extremely fast and become much bigger than his unlikely dog friend.

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“But I think on six months from Hunter’s side will be enough for them,” she says. “That’s when they get quite boisterous, and he almost plays a bit too hard.”

Chelsea is keeping up with her favorite feline. Six months is plenty of time for these uniquely-paired species to enjoy every waking moment together. source from WWW.REDDIT.COM

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