Vice President Mike Pence and his family recently mourned the loss of a beloved cat, Oreo.

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But now, the Pence family have gone and added another furry creature to their home at the Naval Observatory.

Meet Harley, a very attractive canine whose breed is currently unknown.

Harley’s already made quite the entrance into Washington D.C., as he just got his first ride on Air Force Two.

Next up, he’ll be exploring his new home, which also counts Pickles (cat) and Marlon Bundo (bunny) as occupants.

Pence’s son, Michael, has custody of the family snake, Sapphira, in his home in Mississippi.

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The Pence family is used to owning dogs, having lost their beloved beagle, Maverick, shortly before the election last fall.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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