An Australian snake is kicking his meth addiction the same way as everybody else — with rehab (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)
In this photo taken Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, a cooler with purchased pythons arrive at All American Gator Products in Hollywood, Fla. About a third of the pythons have come to Brian Wood, owner of All American Gator Products, to be made into wallets, shoes, belts or handbags. Wood pays up to $150 apiece for the snakes, about the same price he pays for python skins imported from Asia. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

When Sydney police raided a methamphetamine den in the city a few months ago, they discovered a lot of drugs and one meth-addicted python. After living in the meth lab for months, the animal became accustomed to the air and addicted to the deadly drug. Authorities took him to the New South Whales Wildlife Care Center to “dry out.”

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A senior manager at the center told Yahoo News that when the unnamed python first arrived, “he was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike.” While pythons are usually calm, the drugs had turned him skittish. The manager said that pythons are normally lazy, explaining, “They are constrictors and not poisonous […] [but this one] was very aggressive and had erratic behavior.” Thankfully, after seven months, the snake is finally drug-free and ready to re-enter the world.

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The center where the snake was taken is staffed by prisoners and cares for a number of different animals including kangaroos, reptiles and birds. The warden of the institution said that their work with the wildlife helps reduce recidivism as it “allows gradual reintroduction to community contact as well as the reinforcement of the care and consideration of others, not just one’s self.”

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