Lillith the lynx, who escaped from the Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Wales, U.K., is being blamed for the deaths of seven sheep close to where she went missing, according to The Guardian.

The National Sheep Association is now claiming the the missing lynx was involved in a recent incident in which seven sheep were killed. Welsh government officials carried out a post-mortem and said they discovered the sheep each died from a single bite to the neck and internal bleeding

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?There cannot be a clearer warning of the damage lynx will do if they are released into the wild,” said Phil Stocker, the group’s chief executive. ?This incident also backs up what we are hearing from a number of sheep farmers in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe who tell us of high losses they?ve experienced from individual lynx that develop the behavioral characteristic of an opportunistic hunter.?

The spate of sheep deaths comes after farmers expressed their concern about the missing lynx and their frustration that it was yet to be captured.

Meanwhile, the employees from the the zoo have set up a number of traps and lures to try and catch the cat, and a drone is apparently being used to pinpoint her location, according to the BBC.

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