Frightening behind-the-scenes footage shows the moment a submersible — containing crew members of the BBC nature documentary series “Blue Planet II” — was attacked by a group of viscous sharks.

Seven hundred meters below the surface, the crew was filming a group of sixgill sharks as they consumed a dead sperm whale that had sunk to the ocean floor.

But the sharks don’t take too kindly to their uninvited dinner guest and they begin to swarm around the vessel before smashing into it with their heads — apparently they thought it was there to steal their meal.

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As the sharks ram the sub, one of the operators says, “The submarine is very strong, but they are so big and strong that I am a little bit afraid.”

Eventually, the sharks return their attention to the whale carcass.

“Each shark is as big as a great white and the force of their bites shook the 30-tonne carcass like a rag-doll,”  Assistant producer Will Ridgeon told The Daily Mail. “It has been hypothesised that these sharks defend a carcass from others like a territory, and these sharks were certainly aggressive, biting and bumping each other,” he continued. “It was a very unnerving place to be. As more sharks arrived, they began to turn on the sub, bumping and biting at the perspex dome and pushing us around.”

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