Who isn’t watching the Winter Olympics?

With notable moments including Red Gerard’s historic snowboarding win, multiple wardrobe malfunctions, and figure skater Adam Rippon’s priceless commentary, there’s been a lot of moments worth catching in Pyeongchang, and it seems humans aren’t the only legged creatures making sure not to miss any of them.

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Twitter user Matt Duncombe (@MattJ777) shared a hilarious snapshot of a moose peeking into his living room to catch a glimpse of the competition.

Duncombe tagged the Canadian Broadcasting Company in the caption which read, in part, “Your coverage is attracting a diverse audience. #MooseareCanadianstoo.”

He joked, “Friendly neighborhood moose, here in Calgary. Little fella was just looking for a bobsleigh update.” His relative tweeted that the moose “just wanted in on the bob sled action!”

One person replied, “Did you offer him a beer? I’m sure all that Olympic action was making him thirsty.”

“Lol bobsleigh game so strong even moose want to watch,” chimed Team Canada.

The special guest wasn’t the only critter with all eyes on the competition. Mimo Nielsen (@gothmimo) shared a photo of his riveted cat in response to the moose.

“Diana catching the curling action,” he wrote.

While some found the feline to be “unimpressed” by the sport — much like actress Kirstie Alley who learned not to voice that particular opinion — according to her human, the cat was “fascinated.”

With all the action going down in the curling world, who wouldn’t be?

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