The internet is full of videos aimed at shocking the viewer into an existential crisis, but one clip that’s making the rounds on the world wide web goes a step further and causing us to consider swearing off mother nature for good. The clip shows a coconut crab eating a bird – actually eating a bird (though, thankfully, you don’t catch the real carnage).

The video is set on some godless beach on a small island in the Indian Ocean, where the predator spots his meal, a red-footed bobby guilty of no crime beyond being a walking hunk of meat. If you live in most of the continental United States, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never come upon a coconut crab. These minions of Satan live in the warm waters off the coast where they conquer local food chains — a few years ago, an invasive (and huge) coconut crab dropped jaws when it was spotted strolling down a street in Hawaii.

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In the video, the red-footed booby is asleep when the crab snatches him, slowly squeezing the life from his wings. After an initial chorus of squeals, the bird goes limp, and the videographer captures the moment when the animal accepts its impending doom.

Science Alert lays out a series of statistics that prove that the coconut crab is not to be trifled with. Here are a few of the most disturbing:

  • They are the largest land-dwelling arthropod in the world, growing up to a meter.
  • They can lift about sixty pounds with their claws.
  • The force of their pinch is comparable to the bite of a tiger or lion.

The video was captured by Mark Laidre, a biologist at Dartmouth, who was studying the creatures. He says that after the video cut off, other Coconut Crabs joined in the frenzied feast, fighting over the animal, and for several hours, the mass of anthropods carried away bits of flesh to devour.

Though they look like they’d win a fight with a bazooka, Laidre says that Coconut Crabs aren’t dangerous, telling National Geographic, “They’re not coming and jumping and trying to attack you. Coconut crabs more should fear humans.” He also added that the scientific community doesn’t know much about them and that more research is necessary. But, outside of the scientific community, we’ve decided one thing: these beasts should be cast into a pit of darkness for eternity.

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