When cops arrested a Massachusetts woman for drunk driving earlier this week, a bearded dragon was found on her person — or more accurately, in her bra.

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Amy Rebello-McCarthy, 39, had veered off the road and struck half a dozen mailboxes before crashing onto a lawn, police told The Boston Globe.

But what might be the more surprising than the lizard-wearing, however, is the shade these cops threw on the woman, who has been arraigned 109 times as an adult.

The lizard was placed “in a red bandana for safe keeping,” Taunton Police Department wrote in their report, and then snarkily added in a Facebook post: “It faces no charges at this time.”

Rebello-McCarthy’s blood alcohol content was measured at nearly twice the legal limit, the arresting officers said.

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“You can’t make this stuff up,” police wrote in the post.

Cops throw shade at a drunk woman who had a bearded dragon in her bra Facebook/Screenshot/Taunton Police Department
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