With their food sources frozen or simply harder to find, coyotes in St. Louis, Mo., are getting a little too close for comfort for area residents this winter.

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Last month, four coyotes were spotted in an area of town near Willmore Park, near the River Des Peres.

They are being blamed for attacking pets and have set people on edge since the sightings. The Missouri Department of Conservation has received an influx of reports of the animal.

Even on Twitter, the atmosphere is tense, with one commenter taking the St. Louis Missouri Police Department to task for not noting that the picture it used of coyotes in a recent tweet was taken in Los Angeles.

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All of which doesn’t mean you won’t meet a coyote in St. Louis this winter, but you and your pets may want to be careful.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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