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Oh man, be still my heart. This is the saddest thing I have read all day, I can’t even imagine the pain of this family. A Yorkshire terrier, named Cooper, tragically died after owners Mitchel and Keiko Napier said the pup was crushed by a FedEx package that was tossed over the fence by a delivery driver. According to the dog owners, the FedEx delivery person walked up to the wall outside their house and was dropping off a package that contained a heavy glass bowl and Scrabble game set.

The worker then freely chucked the package over the fence, where the 4-pound pup was walking around. Mitchell stated he found Copper in a pool of his own blood. He then rushed him to the veterinarian, who said the dog was alive, but his liver and lungs are severely injured. The owners sadly made the choice to have their dog euthanized to stop him from hurting.

FedEx responded to the incident apologizing to the couple, stating, “We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of the pet involved in this incident. We take this matter very seriously and are working directly with those involved to determine the circumstances behind this event. Based on the outcome of our investigation, we will take the appropriate action.”

Although they received the apology, the couple wants FedEx to change its delivery policies. Which I’m sure we can all agree with them. It seems like customer support just gave them a pat on the head and called it a day. Honestly, have you seen how some of these UPS and FedEx delivery drivers just toss these packages as if they were footballs? The amount of times I have seen my Amazon package destroyed is ridiculous. I’m surprised there haven’t been any more accidents reported. This is devastating, just thinking that this could have easily been avoided makes it even more tragic.

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