Find out how this animal shocked visitors and cost the Minnesota Zoo thousands of dollars KBJR screenshot

In “The Jungle Book,” Baloo sang about the “bear necessities of life.” Apparently feeling he lacked this on Monday, a grizzly bear at the Minnesota Zoo slammed a rock into the glass fronting his exhibit.

The Minnesota Star-Tribune reports you can forget about visitors’ worries and their strife. There were five panes of glass separating the bear and freedom and just one was shattered. Nevertheless, the exhibit is closed for repairs.

Witnesses say the bear slammed the basketball-sized rock over and over again into the glass. Everything in the exhibit that could be thrown or wielded is supposed to be welded down, but officials say the bear found the rock at the bottom of a pool.

“We’ll have to go back through the exhibit and anchor down anything they can lift,” animal collections Tony Fisher said.

But for now, they’re getting a new pane custom-made for tens of thousands of dollars.

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