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Firefighters from Richburg, South Carolina were going about their day when they found a hummingbird that was dehydrated and struggling to fly in their engine bay. According to a post the fire department put on Facebook, this isn’t the first time a hummingbird has stopped by their station in desperate need of a drink, so the firefighters knew what to do.

In what had to be one of the most adorable instances of something drinking water ever witnessed, the hummingbird drank from a little water bottle cap the firefighters put out for it. The bird, likely a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, was soon rehydrated and on its way.

Apparently this happens a lot? It’s unclear whether or not the Richburg Fire Department has put out hummingbird feeders and feeders for the birds to drink from but, uh, they should. Please, government of Richburg, South Carolina, find it in your heart to provide this firehouse with an extra twenty bucks a month to feed the hummingbirds that keep coming to die on their doorstep.

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