Flight attendant freaks out when this four-legged animal got loose on an airplane ViralHog screenshot

The person who caught this scene on an airplane was on a Delta Flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta.

“I had my eyes closed during take off trying to get my normal plane-nap time in when I heard a commotion from the passengers around me,” they wrote.

They opened their eyes, and saw a cat crawling on the floor of the airplane.

“At first, I thought it was fake and everyone was just being crazy,” they said. “Then, it started moving towards the flight attendant.”

According to their account, the flight attendant started to panic because the animal looked scared. The attendant began to speak to the cat “like a dog,” telling it to “stay put, don’t move.”

“She picked up the phone to speak with the attendants in the back of the plane telling them there was a cat loose and she didn’t know what to do. She quickly hung up the phone when the cat ran into the galley. She picked up the intercom to page the passenger who was “missing their pet, and to wake up whoever had a cat carrier.”” they said.

A woman approached the cat, cat carrier in-hand, to try to capture the animal.

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