It’s not easy to upstage a hamster’s natural cuteness. That is, of course, unless you’re Amberly Dzimira.

Dzimira tweeted that she found a solution to be closer to her pet hamster, Chip — she bought him a bed. Since the purchase, Dzimira explained that she and Chip can do everything together.

Like working:


Or eating:


Or even watching “The Secret Life of Pets” on Netflix:


Understandably, people on the internet were blown away by the preciousness of it all.

The picture of Chip just chilling out in his new chair filled a void several didn’t know they had.

Some more than others.

Why be friends with humans when hamsters exist?

The pictures even proved to be a familiar scene for some hamster owners.

Though not as positive, in some instances.

According to Dzimira, Chip was thoroughly satisfied with the attention.

(H/T Twitter)

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