Heartbreaking footage shows an elephant herd’s gallant attempt to rescue an injured calf Kruger Sightings/YouTube/Screenshot
Kruger Sightings/YouTube/Screenshot

This heartbreaking Kruger Sightings video was captured in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, by 66-year-old Heidi Haas, according to its YouTube description.

The video shows a herd of elephants attempting to assist an injured calf. ?I was in complete and utter shock when I saw that this baby elephant had been knocked down by a speeding vehicle,” Haas told “With tearful eyes, I had to watch how the entire elephant family tried to help this little one without actually being able to do a thing. There was literally no more that could be done as the elephant had broken its leg and its back.”

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Haas explains that rangers were called to resolve the situation, which was incredibly dangerous as elephants are very protective of their young. “There was little other they could do than put this young elephant out of its misery,” she said.

“It was emotionally draining to watch and I never want to have to experience such a moment again,” Haas confessed. But she was determined to get something good out of the experience by encouraging people to be more mindful of wildlife: “My last words to everyone who visits these magnificent Parks all over the world, please take care and don?t over speed as the loss of such a beautiful life as in this case is absolutely unnecessary!”

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