One man really tested his luck with a very protective mother snake.

The beautiful yellow reptile wrapped her body around her recently hatched eggs as he attempted to lift her body and grab them from her.

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But, it wouldn’t be that easy, of course.

This mother snake isn’t going down without a fight.

Some snakes give birth to live offspring, but most lay eggs. In most cases, the female will abandon the eggs shortly after laying them. But a few species, including this one, will stay with the hatchlings for a while after they have hatched.  This snake is probably a Burmese Python. This species has a special mechanism to raise their own body temperatures to help keep the little ones warm. On average, they lay about 36 eggs at a time, and the group is called a clutch. We were surprised to see so many big eggs in this video, but some pythons can lay over 100 eggs at a time.

It’s hard to say exactly where this video was shot, but there are numerous snake sanctuaries and reptile rescue groups in Florida. We hope the attendant was not trying to steal the eggs, rather he was making sure everything was OK.  But it seems like the mama snake can take care of that herself.

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