Horse in Bed of Pickup Truck Spotted Going 70 MPH on Texas Highway Facebook: Ami Parbs Via KHOU 11
Facebook: Ami Parbs Via KHOU 11

Buckle up, because this is the most Texas thing you’ll ever see. Turns out, a whopping $15,000 horse was spotted on the bed of a pickup truck, as it was heading 70mph down a Texas road. A concerned woman took a video of the incident with her phone, saying the animal had difficulty standing still.

When authorities saw the photo, they tracked down the car and pulled over the driver who was spotted on Corrigan on U.S. Route 59. Surprisingly enough, the officer didn’t issue any kind of citation to the truck driver because well, there really isn’t anything “illegal” about how a horse can be transported.

Authorities stated the driver was on his way to work at the stockyards, saying he typically drives another truck to transport the horse. However, the truck wouldn’t start, which is why he was forced to load the horse in the bed of the pickup truck

Fortunately enough, the horse was safely taken to the stockyards unharmed. Of course, as soon as the video hit social media it went viral, shocking several Texans who were concerned for the horse. Which, if you watch the video, you can see why. The big guy is clearly shaking, trying to maintain his balance.

I mean, I really don’t know anything about horses or how to transport them, but there has to be a better method than the back of the pickup truck, right? What if the horse falls? That’s not a pretty sight at all. Plus, a single string attached to its head isn’t going to cut it. I’m taking social media’s side on this one.

This post was originally published on March 11, 2019. 

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