This incredible underwater footage features an remarkable encounter between a water snake and a very hungry turtle. The video was shot using a pole and a GoPro camera by fisherman/hunter Kerry B. Wix, according to this Field and Stream piece.

In the video, we can see a water snake that has been ensnared by a mean-looking turtle. The snake attempts to free itself several times, but comes up short each time. Meanwhile, the terrapin clamps its powerful jaws around the snake’s tail and abdomen and refuses to let go.

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“I couldn’t tell what was going on, but you know me — I always have a camera handy,” Wix told Field and Stream. He set up his GoPro and moved closer to get a better look. That’s when he noticed the snapping turtle had the snake by the tail and was holding it underwater — as well as eating it. “The video is deceiving; it’s a big snake, and a huge turtle — probably a 30-pounder,” he said.

Kerry says the showdown carried on for about 30 minutes before the turtle eventually swam away with its prey in its mouth and presumably finished the job.

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