Feral kittens deserve some T.L.C. just like any other kind of animal.

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That’s the thinking behind an adorable invention at the Animal Rescue League of Boston: the Kitten Bjorn.

Workers at the shelter posted on Facebook last Friday a picture of their invention, which they hope will promote more adoptions.

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A caption for the photo, which featured a shelter worker wearing the bright orange vest with kittens inside a mesh-like pouch, said:

Baby Bjorn? More like Kitten Bjorn!” The ARL staff ‘wears’ feral kittens to help socialize them before 10 weeks of age so they can be adopted. We only have a few of these amazing inventions, so please tag a friend if you think they could make one or two (or 10) to donate! #kittenwearing #ARLstaff

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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