The Big Cat Derek YouTube channel recently introduced Baggy, a feisty house cat at Texas’ Center for Animal Research and Education, a long-term care, research and education center for rescued exotic animals, to its legions of subscribers.

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As you can see, Baggy is a feline that likes to punch above its weight. Derek, the human behind the camera who captured Baggy’s encounter with a lion, seems shocked when Baggy runs over to the much bigger cat and stares her down. “You will lose,” he warns the cat, who is dwarfed by the majestic lion. But Baggy has no time for warnings. The confident kitty lunges toward the lion several times. “Baggy, abort,” Derek implores. “There’s nothing to be gained, Baggy.”

Even given the rowdiness of both cats, the encounter ends in a stalemate, probably thanks to the fence. Still, Baggy the cat walks off into the sunset with a smug spring in its step.

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