Listen to how one brave military dog saved this Navy SEAL’s life in a matter of seconds NDN/Fans 1st Media, Jukin
"Chopper, a military dog, saved Dana Point and San Clemente native Trevor Maroshek's life, while overseas in Afghanistan. Video by Mindy Schauer. Edited by Jonathan Khamis, for the Orange County Register."

Chopper, a heroic military dog, saved the life of a Navy SEAL and his team of nearly 70 others only a few moments before destruction.

Trevor Maroshek was serving in Afghanistan when he was alerted by Chopper of a Taliban bomb threat.

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“He saved my life on the battlefield,” said Maroshek. “Needless to say, he got a steak that night.”

Although Chopper is now retired, he still spends his days with Maroshek, offering endless love and support.

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