While Dominic Baccus was asleep on Tuesday when his condo in Brandon, Fla., caught fire. If it weren’t for his dog Buddy, he may not have survived.

Baccus told Fox 13 that he rescued the three-legged Buddy three years ago after Buddy’s leg was amputated after a car accident. Buddy noticed the smoke filling the condo and woke Baccus, using his one front leg to paw at Baccus’ chest and neck. Baccus was able to pick up Buddy and carry him out of the building, although they had to get through the fire-engulfed doorway.

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Although their home was destroyed, Baccus considers him and Buddy to be quite lucky.

“It’s nice to know he’s got a good home — well at least he did, now we’re going to have to find a new one,” Baccus said. “I’m just glad he was there for me when I needed him.”

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