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If anyone reading this has ever asked themselves (or Google), “Can you swim with alligators?” then you will find the following video relevant.

When You Swim Next to an Alligator, Don’t Be Super Surprised if the Alligator Attacks

See you later alligator from PublicFreakout

Large alligators can kill human beings. They can kill small children. They will kill your small animals, like dogs, while you’re walking them near the water. People aren’t a natural food source for gators, but they’ll do it. It happens. Even small alligators will take a piece out of you. American alligators have a fear of humans, but they aren’t always committed to it. Screw around in a body of water in Florida, or on the water’s edge, and you might get a piece taken out of you.

Take, for example, this genius, who was trying his hardest to get himself a freshwater grave. Or literally, turn himself into poop. For what it’s worth, the Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission does not recommend turning yourself into poop via a thousand alligator bites.

So, Wait, Can You Swim with Alligators?

As the above genius proves, no you can’t swim with alligators like they’re dolphins and you’re on vacation in Hawaii. That’s a one-way ticket to getting laughed at in the emergency room as you plead with them please stop writing about you on social media and treat your serious injuries.

That said, in Florida and other places where there are alligator populations, you will see the predators in swimming areas. Mostly these gators keep to themselves unless you decide to smack them on the head or, worse, some idiots are feeding alligators, thus making them equate humans with food. Do NOT feed alligators. Also, don’t swim with them like this guy did.


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