A group of 20 or more octopuses were recently witnessed leaving the sea and setting up camp on the sand of the Welsh beach New Quay.

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For a few nights in a row, the appearance of the curled creatures on the beach baffled onlookers.

“It was a bit like an end of days scenario,” Brett Jones, a dolphin tour leader who witnessed the unsettling spectacle, told BBC News. “There were probably about 20 or 25 on the beach. I have never seen them out of the water like that.”

Some of the animals died on the beach during the unusual event, which could have occurred for a number of different reasons.

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While it is rare for the animal to leave the water, says Jones, he thought they might be reacting to lights on the shore — or may have been confused by recent storms that moved through the area.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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