An anonymous tip sent authorities to a rural Arkansas barn where they found quite an exotic menagerie of animals.

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Seven tigers, six lions and a leopard were found on a property in Poinsett County. The discovery was made from a tipster; authorities found the animals in good health.

The owner, who said he was keeping the exotic animals until they could be flown to Germany, had the right paperwork, but he hadn’t alerted anyone that he was holding the animals. ABC News reports that “State law generally prohibits ownership of such animals with some exemptions,” and that “bringing such animals to the state is restricted for without prior written approval from the commission,” according to the Arkansas Code of Regulations.

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With public safety a top concern, authorities are keeping an eye on the situation.

“Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of the citizens of Poinsett County,” said Maj. Brad Young of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “The owner of the animals is with them on-site, and the animals are being taken care of. We just want to make sure they remain secure throughout their time in Arkansas.”

Oh, my! Lions, tigers and a leopard discovered in an Arkansas barn Arkansas Game and Fish Commission via AP
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