Rare is the art exhibit that allows dogs.

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But that’s kind of the point of a three-day show in New York, called DoGUMENTA, which is curated for the canines among us.

A former Washington Post art critic named Jessica Dawson conceptualized the idea, because she realized her tiny Yorkie-Maltese mix named Rocky really loved art.

“When Rocky accompanied me on my gallery visits I noticed that he was having a much better time than I was,” explains Dawson, who moved to New York four years ago. “He was not reading the New York Times reviews, he was not reading the artists’ resumes, and so I said he has something to teach me about looking, and all dogs have something to teach us about looking at contemporary art and being with it.”

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With all of the art at the animals’ level, this is one exhibit that is a sure-fire dog treat.

Only in New York: this is one art exhibition that’s for the dogs AP Photo/Mary Altaffer
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