Pumpkins, vampires and superheroes: they aren’t just trending costumes for humans. Animals are getting involved in the Halloween spirit, and it’s perfect. Twitter users shared their pets in their best Halloween looks, and they’ll make scarily good trick-or-treating buddies.

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Pet owners pulled out all the stops, dressing their furry friends as other creatures, comic books favorites and even themselves.

Finding discounted costumes at Petsmart and Target was definitely a big draw for owners, who didn’t want to leave their pets out of the festivities.

Alice Dang on Twitter shared her lucky find at the big box store and we can relate. “Target is dangerous. Went in for something that they didn’t end up carrying, but came out with two dog costumes from the dollar section.”

In a “purrfect” coordinating look, a pet owner dressed her feline as herself and donned face paint to make herself into her pet.

These photos just go to show, pets definitely know how to put their best “paw” forward when it comes to cute costumes!

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