SeaWorld Orlando has its first documented walrus birth, and an adorable one at that.

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The Florida park announced that a 14-year-old female walrus named Kaboodle has given birth to a baby, sex not disclosed, on June 3.

While mom and offspring have not made their public appearance just yet, the theme park released a series of photos and a video on Facebook showing the baby with a full set of whiskers — just like mom.

Both male and female walruses have whiskers and tusks, according to the park. The former helps the animals find shellfish, a key food in their diet; the latter aids in defense and helps them cut through ice and get out of the water.

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The park says the duo is under 24-hour care with its husbandry team “to ensure both mom and calf continue to thrive and bond together.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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