A 3-month-old baby killer whale has sadly died at a SeaWorld park in San Antonio, Texas.

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The baby, named Kyara, died Monday after suffering serious health problems. She was born in April at the park, and veterinarians believe she died of pneumonia.

SeaWorld said it would provide more information when the results are in from a post-mortem exam. The whale’s veterinary team suspects pneumonia was the cause because it is “a common illness in whales in both the wild and captivity.”

Kyara was the last to be born at a SeaWorld park. Her mother Takara was pregnant when the company announced last year that it would end its killer whale breeding program. The younger whale had been under 24-hour watch and had been hand-fed to supplement her nutrition, the park said.

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She had been separated from her mother in order to receive veterinary care.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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