A service dog named Soldier has landed the ultimate honor: his own photo in a high school yearbook.

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The dog faithfully accompanies Kathryn Campbell to school at Timber Creek High School in the Fort Worth suburb of Keller, Texas, and he’s been her sidekick through thick and thin.

Campbell, who has autism, relies on Soldier to get her through the day, so it made sense for him to get his own photo in the yearbook.

Diagnosed at 15 months old with PDD-NOS, one of the four autism spectrum disorders, she started having seizures at age 10. Soldier keeps a watchful eye on Campbell, says her mom.

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“Kathryn has seizures daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and Soldier is there to sound the alarm, typically about 45 minutes before a seizure occurs.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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