It’s never an easy task finding the snake in the grass, but this red-bellied black snake from Australia might be the craftiest of them all.

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Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 — yes, 24/7 snake removal is apparently a need in Australia — posted a true stumper weeks back, asking their followers to find the snake in the photo you see below.

A solid five minutes of looking at this picture yielded no results.

“SPOT THE SNAKE! Must be time for another one of these games. Extra points for the what species the snake it too!” the snake catchers challenged their followers.

Before we actually get to pointing out where the snake was, let’s just highlight some of the guesses people made that were as bad as our own.

Sorry, Jacqueline, but that’s not even close.

That is a leaf, Dan.

Michael is really stretching the limits of his imagination.

Poor, Joshua. You tried.

Note that not one of these people guessed the kind of snake correctly either. But now for the moment of truth:

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Hat tip to the snake catchers and Little Things for tracking this guy down for us.

For the record, the red-bellied black snake is venomous.

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