Excited Paralyzed Pitbull Greets Airman Coming Home From Deployment Melissa Swanson via Youtube
Melissa Swanson via Youtube

If this isn’t one of the most heartwarming videos you’ve ever seen in your entire life, then I’m questioning your sanity. Melissa Swanson posted a Youtube video back in March 2013 of her American Bulldog/Pitbull dog breeds mix, Emma. And even though most dog videos tend to elicit “aww” responses from people, I don’t think you’ll be able to stop the tears from falling on this one.

Emma isn’t just a pet or a cute puppy. She’s a paralyzed pitbull, unable to walk on her hind legs. Her special needs stem from a birth defect called Hemivertebrae, causing neurological and spinal problems. According to Melissa’s comments on the video she took, Emma refuses to use any pet supplies, including a doggy wheelchair, a harness, or even a drag bag. She simply drags her lower half around to get where she wants to go or will wait for Melissa to pick her up.

Melissa also mentioned that this doesn’t stop Emma from enjoying being a dog. The paralyzed pitbull still loves life, playing well on her own outside. She just doesn’t understand, however, that she has special needs. The Swanson family has rugs laid out all over their house so that Emma can drag herself around more smoothly, but didn’t have any in the hallway while the video was being shot.

But the cuteness of this video isn’t only because of how special Emma is. Melissa’s husband is an airman who was coming home after a 6-month deployment. Melissa captured on video all of their furry children excitedly running up to her husband as he finally walked through their front door for the first time after his deployment. Emma’s canine siblings, Mikey and Jesse, are seen running up to him immediately, excitedly jumping at him.

But Emma didn’t let her fellow siblings have all the fun. The pitbull is seen hobbling her way up to Melissa’s husband, not letting her condition get in the way of expressing her own excitement. And, cue the tears.

The video has a happy ending with Melissa’s husband picking Emma up and embracing her. Melissa took the opportunity of having almost 6 million views on the video to talk about SNARR. SNARR stands for Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. Melissa and her husband are long term rescue parents for the foundation and tied a donation link to this video. There’s simply no argument against dogs being man’s best friends.


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