The truth about human beings eating eight spiders a year while sleeping emerges AP Photo/Rob Griffith

Everyone’s heard the age old tale: while humans sleep, we swallow eight spiders a year. If you haven’t heard the “fact” at least once before, you’ve definitely been living under a rock (where you definitely would’ve found an arachnid or two).

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People curious about the creepy creatures crawling on their faces while they slept took to the internet with their spider eating jokes — and one person’s account lent weight to the myth.

User Jordan Rose (@_RosieO) tweeted, “As you all know, I’m afraid of spiders…. & I was taking a nap this morning…I usually sleep w my mouth wide open but it was closed today , & a spider crawled all the way across my face like I was a mf playground.”


Another person joked, “You are what you eat which means we are all, on average, about eight spiders a year.”

Turns out humans have nothing to fear: we don’t eat eight spiders a year in our sleep. According to @WhatTheFFacts, the myth came from a “social experiment to show how fast false information spreads on the internet.”

Spider experts have also debunked the myth. According to Scientific American, the spiders aren’t fond of people anymore than we are of them and people can usually feel when something is crawling over their faces.

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Phew. Turns out we have nothing to worry about from our eight-legged friends. Unless, you’re in Australia that is.

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