Let’s just say you don’t want to keep any of these dogs in an apartment.

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Because the canines that made this list of The Top 10 Dogs Breeds with Superpower are insanely strong — and full of boundless energy.

Among the top 10 are the familiar (Rottweilers) and the arcane (Ever heard of a Fila Brasileiro?), but they all seemingly share one big trait: They can knock grown men off their feet.

The 10th through second place are:

10. Rottweiler
9. Dogo Argentino
8. Boerboel
7. English Mastiff
6. Caucasian Shepherd
5. Alabai
4. Tosa Inu
3. Fila Brasileiro
2. Bully Kutta

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And the No. 1 dog who possesses the greatest superpower? That would be the Kangal.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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