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Canadian rancher Adrienne Levy captured one of the strangest animal clips we’ve ever seen when a rogue beaver began leading cattle on her ranch. On April 15, Ivey and her husband walked onto their pasture and noticed their cattle in a tight group that seemed to be moving together, as if they were being corralled. When they got closer, they discovered that, in fact, the cattle herd was following a wandering beaver.

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Levy told the Canadian Broadcasting Service, “There was about a three-foot space around [the beaver].” She explained that the herd surrounding the beaver were young, “They’re kind of like teenagers, and I think they were following this thing around because they couldn’t figure out what the heck it was.” She joked, “We thought it was so funny and so Canadian…a Canadian beaver leading around a bunch of Canadian cattle.”

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The couple owns about 83 square miles in southern Canada. Ironically, the beaver is the national animal of Canada after being elevated to the status in 1975. We’ll keep our eyes open for Bald Eagles herding American sheep.

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