A few Texas drivers had quite the shock on Monday when an unwanted hitchhiker slithered his way out from underneath of their hood. Zakary Wyatt and Swade Moyers were driving down the road in the early afternoon when a bull snake poked his head out from his hiding place near the engine.

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After a few screams, they decided to pull over and let the little guy scurry away. Once the vehicle was safe on the side of the road, the snake made his way down the hood, yet he didn’t seem intent on ditching his ride. Amazingly, he held on as they continued riding down the road in an effort to throw him off.

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AZ Family identified the creature as a bull snake. While the snakes can be testy when confronted, they’re generally harmless. They have no venom, and they’re good to have around the yard as their diet consists of pesky rodents and even the occasional rattlesnake.

(H/T: AZfamily)

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