A family in Scotland couldn’t believe their eyes upon seeing that a wild badger had somehow managed to sneak into their home, eat their cat’s meal and then take a nap on the pet’s comfy bed.

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Animal rescue was dispatched to the home in Linlithgow shortly after the discovery, and the Scottish SPCA reported on its website that the creature was awfully cozy on the bed — it didn’t want to leave!

Officer Connie O’Neil responded to the case of the furry home invasion.

Apparently, the badger “had gotten in through the cat flap and had eaten all the cat food before going for a sleep on the cat bed,” she said. “He didn’t seem too happy when I tried to move him, but I was able to slide the cat bed round, and it was then that the badger noticed the back door was open, so [he] made a run for it!”

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Animal control officers caution the public not to approach such creatures and added that it was unusual that the badger entered the home in the first place.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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