This epic Kruger Sightings video — recorded at South Africa’s  Kruger National Park — depicts a brutal battle between a pair of aggressive giraffes.

The crazy footage was captured by Walter Becker, according to the video’s description. “It was a blustery and overcast day, and since we were not seeing much, we decided to head out to Mlondozi dam,” he told, a website that compiles wildlife videos captured at Kruger National Park.

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“On the way there, we came across 2 huge giraffes grazing nearby the road,” he continued. “I started to take some footage most likely out of the frustration of not seeing much that day. To myself and my parent’s amazement, another male giraffe entered the scene looking to stamp down his authority on the unsuspecting bystanders.” Becker went on to describe the how he felt when the fight broke out, saying “I felt excited because I have only seen similar footage on a David Attenborough documentary. I thus knew that this sighting was unique. This was one super awesome sighting”.

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