This dog’s reaction to her cancer test results shows that animals have and understand feelings, too YouTub/screenshot

Lilly the Golden Retriever was sick one night, and it turns out, it was worse than her owners thought.

When they took her in to find out more, doctors discovered a tumor on her spleen.

“She was so anemic her breathing was affected and we had to make a fast choice,” wrote her owner on YouTube.

It was hemaniosarcoma, and apparently, more than half of Golden Retrievers die from it. They only had a few hours to live if they didn’t perform surgery, and even then, she’d only have “months” to live.

There was a 10 percent chance that Lilly’s six-pound tumor was benign, and doctors said in 20 years, it’s never happened.

“She immediately seemed better. But they said it would only be temporary,” wrote her owner.

One week later, they received the results. This video shows Lilly hearing the news that she is cancer-free!

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