This frog ate a snake, but it didn’t go down without a fight Twitter/Jason Bittel

An image of an Australian green tree frog swallowing a snake — both with their mouths open — is making the viral rounds and for good reason.

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Conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer Jodi Rowley identified the species on Twitter as an Australian green tree frog, Litoria caerulea.

According to National Geographic, the species of frog will eat nearly anything that it can — within reason.

“It really has more to do with prey being smaller than the mouth size and moving across the frog’s field of view,” said Karen Lips, a conservation biologist at the University of Maryland. Essentially—if the frog can eat it, it probably will.

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Found throughout Australia and New Guinea, the frog was probably struggling to swallow the snake, who was most likely trying to escape.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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