This goat owner didn’t give up on her pet — she just got him a prosthesis Wikimedia Commons/Sea-empress
Wikimedia Commons/Sea-empress

A 5-year-old, three-legged goat named Frosty recently received quite the present from his owner.

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He got a prosthetic leg, making him one of two known goats in America who has a prosthesis, according to PEOPLE magazine.

Frosty’s owner has spent thousands of dollars to keep her beloved pet alive, the magazine says. The Nubian goat lives on a farm in Marvin, N.C.

“Very unusual, I’m sure he’s the only one I’ll treat,” says Alexis Sage, the veterinarian who has helped care for Frosty since he was born.

Frosty lost his leg to a bad infection in his front right knee. Then, a fall a few years later complicated things, and a specialist suggested putting him down. His owner, Deb Barry, wouldn’t even consider it. Barry estimates she’s spent more almost $10,000 on the goat’s care.

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“He’s my pet. He’s like a dog. He comes when he’s called, he jumps on your leg — he’s very expressive,” she says.

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