This golden retriever has absolutely no idea how to catch food with his mouth YouTube/Screenshot

It is certain that Fritz, a golden retriever from California, has skills.

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Catching food that is thrown to him is not one of them.

A video of the canine is making the Internet rounds in which he manages to not catch in his mouth the following: mini hot dogs, asparagus, sausages, cantaloupe, a hamburger, sushi, pasta, a steak, donuts, donut holes, a taco, a burrito, strawberries, a hot dog, a taco full of pasta and a slice of pizza.

Titled “Fritz Can’t Catch,” the food is hurled slow-mo towards the dog, one item virtually after another.

Things get really crazy when the pile of pasta–noodles heading in every direction but Fritz’s mouth–is thrown his way.

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Fritz can’t catch food in his mouth, for sure, but this video could also have been titled “Fritz is a Good Sport.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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